Architecture of the University of Notre Dame


The University of Notre Dame is full of classic, collegiate gothic-style buildings. Some examples of the most famous architecture on campus include the Main Building (the Golden Dome), the Sacred Heart Basilica, and the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. and Hesburgh Library (Touchdown Jesus).

Architecture Program:

The University of Notre Dame also has a School of Architecture that includes a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture degree. Here's a link to the website of the Notre Dame School of Architecture. Furthermore, here is a link to the Bachelor of Architecture Curriculum as a part of the School of Architecture.

List of My Top 10 Favorite Buildings Around the Notre Dame Campus:

  1. The Main Building (the Golden Dome)
  2. Basilica of the Sacred Heart
  3. South Dining Hall
  4. Howard Hall
  5. Walsh Family School of Architecture
  6. The Law School
  7. Notre Dame Stadium
  8. Touchdown Jesus (Hesburgh Library)
  9. The Grotto of Out Lady of Lourdes
  10. Bond Hall

Different Same-Sex Dorms on Notre Dame's Campus:

The University of Notre Dame Has 32 residence halls that each have their own mascot, traditions, colors, and events. These dorms are separated by gender, with 15 being Women's Halls and 17 being Men's Halls.

Women's HallsMen's Halls
Badin HallAlumni Hall
Breen-Phillips HallBaumer Hall
Cavanaugh HallCarroll Hall
Farley HallDillon Hall
Flaherty HallDuncan Hall
Howard HallDunne Hall
Johnson Family HallFisher Hall
Lewis HallKeenan Hall
Lyons HallKeough Hall
McGlinn HallKnott Hall
Pasquerilla East HallMorrissey Hall
Pasquerilla West HallO'Neill Family Hall
Ryan HallPangborn Hall
Walsh HallSiegfried Hall
Welsh Family HallSorin Hall
Stanford Hall
St. Edward's Hall